Laboratory particle counter for aqueous fluids with precise flow control for contamination monitoring, size distribution analysis and component cleanliness control.

The system PAMAS SVSS is a standard laboratory particle counter for pharmaceutical applications (control of parenterals, infusion solutions, ophtalmic & oral fluids) and other low-viscous liquids. The instrument may be used as “stand alone” or software controlled.

A stepper-motor-actuated precision syringe moves the sample through the laser-diode sensor at the optimum flow-rate and an accurate sample volume is achieved. Using interchangeable syringes, the PAMAS SVSS can analyse sampling volumes of different sizes, from 100 µl to 1000 ml. For small volumes, a special “Small Volume Kit” is available.

The system can be used with different light extinction sensors. The standard sensor PAMAS HCB-LD-50/50 is equipped with a flow-rate of 10 ml/min and a size range of 1 to 200 µm.


  • Parenterals according to common pharmacopoeias

  • Water

  • Suspensions

  • Cleaning solvents

Product features

  • Customisable measurement settings

  • 16 freely adjustable

  • Size channels (32 channels upon request)16 freely adjustable

  • Integrated magnetic stirrer

  • Use of any sample vessel

  • Measuring volume of 100 µl to 1000 ml

  • Automatic sample flow and volume control via a stepper motor driven syringe module

  • Interchangeable syringes with 1 ml, 10 ml and 25 ml volume

Volumetric sensors

Available size ranges:
1–200 µm (ISO 21501-3)
1–400 µm (ISO 21501-3) option on request  
Max. particle concentration: 24,000 p/ml at 10 ml/min

Available size ranges:
1–200 µm (ISO 21501-3)
Max. particle concentration: 120,000 p/ml at 10 ml/min

Available size ranges:
0.5–20 µm (ISO 21501-2)
Max. particle concentration: 13,000 p/ml at 10 ml/min

Standards and methods
SO 21501-3 ISO 21501-2 USP 1788 ASTM D7647 USP 787** USP 788**
USP 789**
Ph. Eur. 2.9.19**
KP X**
IP 2.5.8**
ISO 11500

** in connection with PAMAS PMA software