The PAMAS AS3 Autosampler is a fully automated laboratory particle counter for the unattended measurement of up to 600 samples per day.

This soundless demonstration video shows the operational process of the PAMAS AS3 autosampler system. 


Fluid samples including but not limited to:

  • Hydraulic Oil

  • Turbine and insulation oils

  • Gear oils

  • Water based hydraulic fluids

  • Phosphate ester based hydraulic fluids

  • Diesel

  • Kerosene

Product features


  • Customizable footprint size due to modular structure.

  • Enclosed sample area to prevent cross contamination via airborne particulate.

  • Customizable measurement settings including agitation, pre-run and sample volume.

  • Unattended measurement of up to 600 samples per day.

  • Undiluted measurement of samples with up to VG 100. Depending on the dilution applied, higher viscosities are possible.

  • Use of customized sample vessels with a max. height of 180 mm.

  • Integrated sample preparation by ultrasonication.

  • Sample dilution function.

  • Automatic cleaning of sampling probe and flowpath.

  • Automatic refill and filtration of dilution fluid/cleaning fluid.

  • Data transfer in universal format (.xml).

  • LIMS integration possible.

  • PDF measurement reports.

Standards and methods
ISO 11171 ISO 4406 SAE AS4059 ASTM D7647 ISO 11500

Size range:
4–70 µm(c) (ISO 11171) 
Max. particle concentration: 24,000 P/ml (Coincidence error of 7.8 %) at 25 ml/min.
Other sensors for larger particle sizes or higher concentrations are available on request.