About us

Purity through science

Clean machines

The importance of fluid cleanliness cannot be overstated.

If equipment is to achieve its projected lifespan and reliability levels, high levels of cleanliness are absolutely essential.

Clean hydraulic fluids mean trouble-free operation, long component and system service lives – and consequently lower operating costs.

Best in the business

Every aspect of every process we use is based on the pursuit of purity – rather than just cleanliness.

We work closely with some of the best in the business – whether it’s leading component suppliers like PAMAS, academics like Sanya Mathura of Strategic Reliability Solutions Ltd.

The fact that we are now an official sensor integrator for PAMAS – the market leader for high-quality liquid particle counting systems – underlines our commitment to providing our customers with a range of high quality solutions.

It means we can provide the very highest levels of quality and attention-to-detail every step of the way.

Cleanliness matters

We establish baseline levels of cleanliness then share our findings with clients via a detailed report before even beginning the cleaning process. When we’re finished, our clients know they’re achieving the purity required for exceptional, sustainable engineering performance.

At Reynolds we create levels of cleanliness monitoring previously only available to the elite organisations and activities such as Aeronautical, Aerospace and Formula One racing – markets where we also operate.

IIOT monitoring, combined with an holistic approach to reliability, enables enhanced performance for longer – empowering our clients and, of course, protecting our planet.

Cleanliness really matters – which is why we take it so seriously.

Global reach

We operate in markets around the world – supporting companies and organisations working in a range of industries. One market where we are particularly active is African mining – where frequently hostile conditions provide major challenges for maintenance teams.

Such is the demand for our services in this area that RCC has now appointed its own regional representative – Anton van Deventer, whose career has seen him heavily involved in sectors ranging from mining, paper and pulp to fuels and chemicals, power generation and general industrial.


For smaller, specialised customers we’ve devised The Link – a highly specialised and robust Cloud-based piece of kit. It’s also designed to ensure a quick return on investment.

It’s the logical conclusion of 25 years’ of work – selling and installing optical particle counters and sensors.

If you’re in the business of monitoring temperature, pressure, flow, oil quality (PPM), or perhaps you want to target more ‘mechanical’ outputs including vibration, torque and power applicable in the majority of production systems – this could very well be the answer.

Like all our hardware, The Link is tough, built to last and manufactured and tested prior to installation at our Lincolnshire base in the UK, where we also look after and manage the associated Cloud activity.